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More about Voices

Every day, Coram Voice works with children in care and care leavers. They inspire and motivate us with their resilience, their maturity but most of all with their extraordinary voices. These children and young people have exceptional creative talent not despite of, but because of, their experiences.

All too often, the stories that make the news about children in care are negative. Being in care is a label that carries a heavy stigma that we want to change.


Creating positive images of children from care


Voices is a platform for the voices of children in and around the care system. It promotes a positive image by showcasing young people’s creativity and improving understanding of their experiences.

The national writing competition was launched in 2016 to mark Coram Voice’s 40th anniversary and in honour of our founder, Gwen James, who died in 2015. 


Understanding care experienced children and young people


By hearing, and more importantly listening, to the voices of young, care-experienced, people, we hope to better understand them and help make their lives better. 

You can read the 2017 winning and shortlisted entries here. And if you'd like to stay up to date with news about Voices 2018, sign up here!