Young People's Zone

Kirby's Story

Kirby is a fully qualified Young Trainer who has experience of being in care and has used Voice’s services in the past

“When Voice asked whether I want to be trained to become a trainer, I thought I would have to endure a series of long mundane, rigid lectures. Instead I was confronted with a mixture of presentations, written exercises, role plays and interactive brainstorming sessions. I felt like I was back at theatre school all over again and I loved it. Who knew being trained could be so fun?!

Being asked to co-train was one of my most nerve-wracking experiences. Now having done it, I enjoyed it. It has actually helped to build my confidence as a person. I feel like Voice has really empowered me and given me a voice to speak outside of the box and defy the stigma attached to those in care.

Now I can’t get enough. I grab every opportunity that comes my way to train and thrive off knowing that I, Kirby, can actually educate others. All thanks to Voice and ironically my experience of being in care.”