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Who we are - Staff

Around 42 employed staff, 100 freelance workers and 30 volunteers deliver services to children and agencies across the country through our London headquarters and regional offices. Together they possess a high degree of specialist expertise in the fields of advocacy, children’s rights, complaints, secure accommodation and a wealth of experience of working with children in care, in custody, in need and those who have recently left care.

As part of the Coram group of charities we are under the guidance of Dr Carol Homden, CBE. Read more about her and some other members of the Coram Voice team below.

Dr Carol Homden, CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Coram

Carol Homden

I oversee the Coram group of charities which includes Coram Voice. I am also a member of the Department for Education’s Adoption Leadership Board, the Children’s Interagency Group (CIAG) and am Chair of the National Autistic Society.


Fun fact:  As an organiser of the Urban Music Festival, I once met Jay-Z!

Brigid Robinson, Deputy Director (Operations)

Brigid Robinson

I am responsible for all our operational services nationally for children and young people.


Fun fact: I was once on Top of the Pops.

Andrew Dickie, Service Manager: National Lead for Helpline & Community Advocacy

Andrew Dickie

I am responsible for Coram Voice's national advocacy helpline, our specialist advocacy service, and our community and visiting advocacy in London and the South East.


Fun fact: Whenever I get the chance I like to camp and climb in mountains in the Lake District and Scotland - especially when it's really cold and there is lots of snow and ice!

Linda Andrew, Service Manager: National Lead for Independent Services

Linda Andrew

I am the lead for our Independent Person Service. We look into Children Act complaints made by young people and others, and also provide Independent Persons for Secure Accommodation Reviews which establish if there are grounds for a child to remain in secure provision on welfare grounds.


Fun fact: I am planning to start guitar lessons very soon

Pauline Robins, Service Manager: National Lead for Visiting Advocacy & New Business Development

Pauline Robins

I manage a wide range of advocacy services across the Midlands including instructed and non-instructed advocacy for young people in residential homes and foster care. I work with a great team of advocates.


Fun fact: I enjoy learning new skills and am learning the piano. I love travelling but especially enjoy spending time with my five children and six grandchildren. I also love chocolate!