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Our initial findings from the Your Life, Your Care survey

Bright Spots, Your Life, Your Care survey, finding out what makes children in care happierOur new report, Our Lives, Our Care: Looked after children’s views on their well-being, details all the findings from the first cohort of 611 children to complete the Bright Spots 'Your Life, Your Care' survey.

The report and our Key findings and policy recommendations booklet, were published in March 2017.

The survey was run in six local authority areas. Age appropriate questionnaires (4-7 years, 8-10 years, and 11-18 years)  were distributed to looked after children in schools. The response rates varied between 23% and 55%.

Key findings


  • The majority of children felt that being in care had improved their lives
  • Children care were as positive about the future as other children but, as would be expected given the often traumatic experiences that led to them being in care, they were more likely than other children to have low wellbeing.
  • Wellbeing decreased with age, particularly in girls


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