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Project Launch

The Bright Spots project is a joint partnership between Coram Voice and the Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies at the University of Bristol, which aims to give local authorities a better understanding of the practices that contribute to a positive care experience.  The project, which is funded by the Hadley Trust, is unique as it gives children and young people the opportunity to share, from their own perspective, their experiences of what makes a good care journey.

There will be four phases to the project and key indicators of what makes a good care journey will be established through an analysis of the findings of a literature review; views of different groups of professionals; and the views of children and young people in care.

The overall vision is that all local authorities should be enabled and encouraged to adopt best possible standards of practice for the children in their care, so that those children have a greater likelihood of reaching adulthood being able to fulfil their potential and play a full role in society.

There are 9 local authorities participating in the project to improve their practices that contribute to a positive care journey.

It is estimated the project will last for at least 24 months.

Find out more about the project summary here.

For further information contact Linda Briheim-Crookall on 020 7239 7528 or email

April 2013