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Independent visitors

“It’s someone who is there for you, someone to help with problems and advice. Its someone to talk to and I don’t feel lonely anymore like I used to. It gets me out too which is good or else I will just be stuck in my room being lonely.”

Independent Visitors are volunteers who befriend and spend time with a child or young person within Local Authority care.  All local authorities have a statutory duty to provide an Independent Visitor’s service in accordance with the Children Act 1989 (Schedule 2 Paragraph 17) and the Children and Young Persons Act (2008).

An Independent Visitor or IV is a reliable, consistent and independent friend who visits a looked after child or young person who is isolated, and has limited, or no, family contact.  They provide a good, stable, adult role model for the young person, befriending and listening to the young person, on an open-ended basis for as long as both parties want it to continue.

The IVs and young people go out and undertake a variety of activities depending on their interests and the age of the young person.  This can range from going for a coffee and chat, window-shopping, occasional cinema trips and taking part in sporting activities such as badminton and golf.

The IVs can also attend the young person’s LAC review as long as the young person agrees with this.

How to get in contact

If you would like more information about this service, or are interested in becoming a volunteer Independent Visitor, please contact our head office on 020 7833 5792 or take a look at our recruitment pages.

You may also want to look at the web pages for our local service in Swindon, one of the areas where we provide Independent Visiting.