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Find out how Bright Spots helps children in care to be happy

Bright Spots logoThe Bright Spots Programme, developed by Coram Voice with the University of Bristol, aims to improve the well-being of children and young people in care by identifying and promoting practices that have a positive influence on them.

It recognises that children in care want the same things as other children, but that their well-being is affected by experiences other children may not have, such as their relationships with carers and social workers.

Your Life, Your Care survey

The Your Life, Your Care survey is a tool for measuring the quality of looked-after children’s care experience and their sense of well-being. The survey was developed with children and young people in recognition that they are experts on their own experience. Your Life, Your Care is based on two international literature reviews, a roundtable discussion with professionals across the children's services sector, and focus groups and interviews with 140 children and young people.

Your Life Beyond Care

Your Life Beyond Care is our most recent development. It is a survey for care leavers that we produced with the help of care-experienced young people from two of our partner local authorities - Manchester and North Somerset. The basis for Your Life Beyond Care is our most recent literature review: Care Leavers' Views on Their Transition to Adulthood: A Rapid Review of the Evidence. It will be ready to run by the end of January 2018.

Get involved

We are always looking to grow our programme. If you work for a local authority that might want to run Your Life, Your Care and/or Your Life Beyond Care, or to find out more about Bright Spots, please email us at

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