Professional Zone


Advocates support, enable and empower young people to be heard. Our advocates are professionals who are highly experienced and trained in working with our diverse communities of young people. They listen, champion and fight tirelessly for young people.

“My advocate helped me understand not to give up but to keep trying”
Isaac, 18

Telephone Helplines Association

Young people can ring our national helpline and receive advice, information and an advocate to work alongside them to resolve their issues of concern. These issues range from being told they have to move foster family when they are really happy there, or we may be contacted by a fifteen year old who has just been kicked out of the family home with nowhere to go. We are here to help.

Who for?

  • Children and young people who are Looked After (in the care of the local authority)
  • Children and Young people in Need (those who require assistance from Children’s Services)
  • Children and Young People who are in secure settings such as Secure Children’s Homes and Psychiatric Units
  • Children and Young People in Residential Homes
  • Children and Young People who are homeless or at risk of Homelessness

Advocacy can transform the lives of children and young people; it can keep them safe, healthy, listened to, and respected. It allows them to live a life with hope, dignity and self respect. We are proud of the young people we work with. They are truly remarkable. Through their experiences we improve how we work, our understanding of their needs and our training so we always provide a service which meets their needs.

  • 80% of the issues for which young people request support are resolved
  • 85% of children and young people reported that they now feel listened to by care professionals after they have used Coram Voice’s advocacy service.